Projector Screen Paint FAQs

What do I have to do for the preparation?

You will have to ensure your surface is as smooth as possible before applying Project X projector screen paint. Fill any cracks and holes or any other imperfections, then rub down with fine grade sandpaper. Each order comes with comprehensive instructions.

What tools will I need to paint my projector screen?

Standard painting tools i.e. a fine foam paint roller and tray, a paint brush for cutting in and masking tape for the edges.

Do you sell a special primer?

No, there is no need for any expensive ‘special’ primers. However we do suggest a standard white eggshell emulsion, available at any DIY store as a background for the best results.

What about a black border around my projector screen paint?

A black border edging your screen will improve the viewing experience and can be simply painted on using a matt black finish, however, some customers prefer to paint their entire wall without a border for a ‘stealth’ effect.

How much does your projector screen paint cost ?

Please go to the buy it now page for pricing click here

Is this projector screen paint suitable for HD viewing?

Yes, not only is it suitable for HD viewing, but also improves clarity and sharpness on CRT, DLP and LCD projectors.

What about 3D movies?

Your experience will be greatly enhanced due to the optimised screen gain and more balanced contrasts.

How much projector screen paint will I need ?

The coverage on a semi-porous background (like a pre-painted wall) is:

1 x litre will cover 3m2 with 2 coats.

How many coats of your projector screen paint will I need?

Project X recommends that you use two coats for a perfect finish!

Can I choose the colour of my projector screen paint?

Unfortunately not. Our paint technicians have worked extensively to produce a screen paint which gives the best balance of light/dark contrasts and the final colour is a light silvery grey.

Can I buy a sample?

Yes, a 50ml tin is available for testing and touch up. Please click here to visit our ordering page.

How do I pay for my projector screen paint?

We accept most debit and credit cards and use paypal as our agent, you do not have to sign up with paypal for a one off purchase.

Do you accept payment over the phone ?

No, as we are only a small internet based company we do not currently offer that facility.

How soon can you deliver my projector screen paint?

We aim to process and despatch all orders on the next working day via overnight courier, samples will be sent via Royal Mail 1st Class post.

I have more questions!

If your question is not answered above, please feel free to contact us regarding your query.