About Project X Projector Screen Paint

Project X projector screen paint is the original British manufactured projection screen paint, aimed at cinemas, AV installers and now home cinema DIY enthusiasts. Our projector screen paint has undergone years of research and development using light metering equipment and photometers from the aerospace industry.

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Who We Are

Project X projector screen paint are the original and first British manufacturers and suppliers of projection screen paint, we supply projector screen paint to cinemas worldwide, AV installers and now home cinema DIY enthusiasts.

Projector Screen Paint Research and Development

The properties of our projector screen paint have been measured for illuminance, irradiance, light absorption, scattering, reflection of light, fluorescence, phosphorescence and luminescence.

What this means to you is fantastic contrasts of blacks and whites and the lowest chance of screen hotspots.

Our product has been tested to the highest British Aerospace Industry standards. Our experts have worked tirelessly to ensure our projector screen paint is the number one best seller.

Our mission statement is simple: Give our customers the product they want, when they want it and at the right price. We understand the importance of customer service and the trust customers place in us to fulfil their expectations. We never stop looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience with us.

Customers Large and Small

Whether you have offices, a corporate cinema, large exhibition area or just a small home front room cinema our projector screen paint will give you the best results possible. We have worked with exhibition centres, football stadiums, shops, libraries, schools as well churches, Nike and London Zoo!